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Kundli (Horoscope)

Kundli (Horoscope)

When a baby is born in family the very first thing they do is prepare a Kundali of that child.

In that kundali they draw a chart like

From this kundali the future of that guy is predicted. It is also used to match with the kundali of the other person before a couple decides to marry.

So what is the main significance of this kundali in our life? and in what ways does it affects us?

Kundali is the Hindi for what we call 'Horoscope' in English. It is a pretty widely used thing in astrology. It is based on the fact that heavenly bodies and their positions at the time of an event effects how the event goes on.

Kundali/Janampatri (or 'Horoscope' in English) may be prepared anytime by providing - date, month and year of birth along with time and place (longitude and latitude) Kundli is divided on 12 houses of 30 degrees each (total 360 degrees complete circle) and further divided into 27 Nakshtras. Each Nakshtras are further divided into four charans or padas. Planets according to their physical alignment at the time of birth as seen from place of birth are recorded in the kundli. There are nine planets : Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn , Rahu and Ketu. (Rahu and Ketu though nodes of earth but are treated as planets for all astrological purpose).

Kundli is the map of your journey of life. The position of the ascendant, signs, house(s) and planets in the Kundli determines the incidents of your life. The incidents of your life are determined by the Kundli which can not be changed but their auspiciousness can be maintained if you perform good deeds and help others.

Kundli is prepared at the time birth to ascertain the alphabet according to the charan of the nakshatra. That alphabet maybe used to keep the name of the child. Also, Kundli is seen for any such as health (even death) of child. In case, of any negative planetary influence, appropriate remedies such as pooja , havan , daan etc are performed/done.

Through a Kundli, one can ascertain any details about the jatak's (the person whose chart is being checked) life. It is possible to check for health, work and what kind of work, general life, wealth, friends, enemies, spouse, legal matters and many more things. Matchmaking is also done through this, the usual matching practice is matching of Gunas and checking for Manglik Dosha which are both incomplete as they check primarily 1 planet out of 9. A good astrologer will check the Kundli for all 9 planets.

The happiness and sorrowfulness in your life comes according to the work you performed in previous birth. Therefore if you perform good deeds, spiritual and charitable activities then you will face minor problems or obstacles in your life. The Kundli and Muhurta are interrelated because if you perform auspicious tasks and events in an auspicious Muhurta according to your birth-chart, you will be happy and your problems may also get reduced. Therefore, the need of the hour is to give primacy to Muhurta for performing any auspicious event.

DISCLAMER-“There are no guarantees that every person using this service will get their desired results for sure. Astrological results depend on a lot of factors and the results may vary from person to person.”